Abidjan suffers as most large cities on the 非洲n continent from a lack of sufficient mobility solutions. The fast-growing middle class is increasingly using private cars or two-wheel vehicles which has led to huge problems of congestion.

当最大的城市在 科特迪瓦 decided to invest in a public transportation system; with the aim of reducing congestion and getting closer to sustainable urban mobility goals, Scania positioned itself as a preferred partner supported by 团队日博备用网站 and coordinated by Business 日博备用网站. 最重要的是, 斯堪尼亚之间制定了一项参与战略, 团队日博备用网站 and Cote d’Ivoire enabling high level key decision makers and the government to reach the goals.

The financial offer was supported by EKN and SEK while strategic communication and engagements were officially carried out by the Ambassador of 日博备用网站. 所有的努力都由日博备用网站商业部协调.

没有日博备用网站队的帮助, 我们甚至可能没有机会提出我们的解决方案。”, 斯堪尼亚公司高级顾问弗雷德里克·莫辛说.

在Côte科特迪瓦, Scania’s solution will meet the government’s goal of establishing a modern network of public transport solutions by 2022, 从而减少了单车厢车辆的使用和空气污染水平. 除了, Scania and its 合作伙伴 will supply a bus depot and extensive training to bus drivers and technicians. The project 合作伙伴 will also work on the development and implementation of local alternative fuel solutions to eventually achieve a fleet of buses that runs 100 per cent on biodiesel.

生物燃料对当地空气质量和温室气体排放都有积极影响. 如果你将沼气发动机与今天大多数非洲国家使用的柴油发动机进行比较, 它将使当地的排放量减少90%.在减少温室气体方面, 从井到轮的角度来看,沼气也可以减少高达90%的能耗. That is the total effect considering both production and use of the biofuel in comparison with a fossil fuel, 弗雷德里克·莫辛说道,并继续说道:  

然而, 最大的改变不是我们提供的公交车将使用的燃料, 它是为了让不断增长的人口停止使用私家车. 如果你让人们在一个有组织的系统中乘坐现代公共汽车, 每运行一辆公共汽车,就会减少80多辆汽车. 我们的目标是使该地区所有国家的可持续交通成为现实”. 

Anthonia Adenaya howard, 日博备用网站商业公司西非主管, says that transportation is a major pollutant in 非洲 and therefore an important challenge to tackle in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 她同意弗雷德里克·莫辛(Fredrik Morsing)的观点,即必须从改变人们的行为开始.  

“Côte科特迪瓦传统上在交通方式上非常个人化. 你骑自行车, 摩托车, or car; it is considered safer, faster in some ways and more comfortable not waiting for a bus at a bus stop far away from home. That is why we also must promote sustainable infrastructural investments from a holistic perspective so that more countries can build roads, 公交车站, 公共汽车站和服务设施将使公共交通更具吸引力. 最重要的是为公交车司机和技术人员提供培训。” 

Anthonia Adenaya howard emphasises that the key to success in Cote d’Ivoire was collaboration, resulting in platforms for further engagement and opportunities for Swedish suppliers to build sustainable business 合作伙伴hips, 特别是在生物燃料领域.  

“这是一种双赢的关系, emanating from Scania and their 合作伙伴 presenting great solutions for sustainable transport to working together with 团队日博备用网站 for the good of all businesses involved, 的国家, 地区和世界.” 



经济增长的Côte科特迪瓦, 快速的城市化和不发达的公共交通系统, 选择投资可持续的公共交通.

Scania’s goal was to position itself as a strong partner and needed to evaluate the market conditions as well as to connect with local stakeholders and decision-makers.


Thanks to Business 日博备用网站 coordinating 团队日博备用网站’s efforts on a strategic level and facilitating contacts with high-level decision-makers, 斯堪尼亚在西非发现了他们不知道的商业机会.


After many years of processing and hard work, Scania concluded a large bus project in Abidjan. 450 biofuel compatible buses in the 科特迪瓦 will help improve public transportation and sustainable mobility.

团队日博备用网站 was recognised as a valuable partner in supporting the country’s efforts to implement sustainable projects and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


斯堪尼亚是全球领先的交通解决方案供应商, including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications combined with an extensive product-related service offering. 该公司还提供汽车融资, 保险, 和租赁服务,使客户能够专注于自己的核心业务. 此外,斯堪尼亚还是工业和船用发动机的领先供应商.  

有50,000名员工, 合作伙伴, 客户遍布约100个国家, 斯堪尼亚正在推动向可持续交通系统的转变.